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Merry Christmas!

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For all who celebrate it in some way, shape, or form, I wish you all a very Merry Christmas to you and a family! I will spending the day with family though it sounds like me and the bros might drop by a family friends' place for a bit as they came over today and kept saying to come for a bit, and the rest of the family doesn't want to go as we did before and it's too crazy over there.

I also give you all cookies! I hope you all have a wonderful day!♥

I am off to do some last min. er wrapping!:P


My youngest brother is in rez, and I got to his place time to time to print things as my computer is not working. When using the washroom ( I went in, it's all like why are there urinals in the female one kind of thing, but it's probably because they change what section the males and females live in or osemthing). Anyhoo, taped on the inside of the stall, was something for your 'reading pleasure. After reading a few, it all like what's 'MLIA', well doing what I do when I dont know something, I call on google. For MLIA is like opposite of FML, and for your viewing pleasure:

Yesterday, I was handing out candy. A little boy dressed up as Harry Potter came by and as he was walking up the driveway he dropped his wand. I told him he dropped his wand and he looks at me and shouted "ACCIO WAND" and twitched his hand (which had a string attached to the wand and to his finger) and his wand came shooting up to his hand. He got the rest of my halloween candy and 5 dollars. MLIA

Today was Halloween. I was having a boring time trick-or-treating when I saw a girl dressed as a werewolf and a girl dressed as a vampire suddenly run into each other. The vampire yelled "TEAM EDWARD". I expected the typical "team jacob", but the werewolf looked the vampire blankly and said coldly, "Harry Potter. I support Remus Lupin." Best response ever. MLIA

Two days ago, on Halloween, I opened the door to some trick-or-treaters. They were dressed as Dumbledore, Harry, Hermione, Ron, and Snape. They started making a ticking noise and proceeded to sing from the Mysterious Ticking noise. At the end, they all shouted "Boom" in unison and fell over. Another kid dressed like Voldemort came and finished the song. I gave them all of the candy I had. MLIA.

Yesterday for trick-or-treat me and my bf went as Harry and Ginny. We went up to a house and an old lady answered dressed up as Hermione. She looked at us hugged both of us then screames, "Ron, Harry and Ginny came to visit us." Then her husband comes to the door dressed as Ron and gave us both a big hug. I love old people. MLIA.


Just a quick run by thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes :) You all gave me a smile when I needed it, as my birthday was mostly spent in the library nerding for midterms and such, which isnt too fun. Post more stuff later.

♥ you all

September Movie- Yes Boss

It was a close poll this time, but Yes Boss won.

Drool part??

A couple of weeks ago I made caramel-pecan cookies:

The other day I made:

- butter cookies with harvest crunch:

- the triple chocolate cookies:

-And Key-lime tarts ( though I cheated a bit; The cream cheese was something a family friend bought for us from the US (cant get it here) it's like a ready to use cream cheese filling and I used that.

Marmalade- Draco/Hermione Drabble

Author: sunflowerkudi

Notes: This is dedicated to my dear marmaladefever as a 'omg you're done your undergrad' and also cuz I ♥ ya. Also, thanks to reetinkerbell for being my beta, ♥ ya.

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My Dear F-list

Would there be someone who would be so kind and got the time to beta something for me? I'm finishing up a ficklet ( it's longer than a drabble, but shorter than a one-shot) thingy, I would appreciate if someone could look it over for me. Knowing me, my un-beta stuff can be scary, and right now grammar isn't on the top of my brain:P I hope to be done by tomorrow or next day, and yeah should be less than 500 words. It's not something that needs to be beta'd right away, so if you would need a few days that's more than fine by me.


Welcome to nerd land!

HAPPY PI DAY! Did you eat pie today to celebrate pi day? My friends and I are eating pie and ice cream before the thingy today to celebrate pi day . For reals. Yup, we are nerds!